1. How do I start a chapter at my university?

GNH is looking for new, enthusiastic people to join the growing community of Information Technology students that make up the organization. Colleges and universities which grant baccalaureate or advanced degrees in Information Technology may establish a new chapter. Undergraduate, graduate students and professionals of sound scholarship and character may be invited to join an individual chapter.

To apply for a new chapter, follow the instructions here: Become a new chapter

2. What are the requirements needed to become a member of GNH?
Membership requirements are based on the GNH national constitution and the local chapter Constitution.

3. What are the benefits of becoming a member of Gamma Nu Eta?
Gamma Nu Eta is a National Honor Society dedicated to recognizing and rewarding academic achievement in the field of Information Technology. GNH encourages its members to participate in community service, to network with other GNH members, and to continue to excel scholastically. Your membership includes:

  • Membership plaque
  • GNH lapel pin
  • Access to extensive GNH alumni network
  • Invitation to join GNH on LinkeIn
  • Commencement stole available at graduation
  • The recognition of being a member Gamma Nu Eta